Mandriladora Leiza is a company specialising in the manufacture of cores, rings and spiral wound cardboard tubes.

We are leaders in the sector of cardboard tubes for use in the food industry for both domestic and professional use: adding machines, POS terminals, cash registers, etc.  Our products extend to the national and international market.

Our great diversity of products and our versatility in sizes and measurements mean we can commercialise our cardboard tubes in an ample variety of sectors, with clients in the paper, textile and plastics industry.

We are leaders in the international market for the manufacture of small cardboard tubes measuring 10 mm in diameter.

What we offer to our customers:

  1. High performance product
  2. On-going technological development
  3. Personalised and made-to-measure tubes

Mandriladora Leiza desarrolla tubos de cartón con sistemas propios de producción


In our R+D+i department we develop our own products and production systems.

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Mandriladora Leiza garantiza el cumplimiento de los plazos de entrega

Flexible delivery times

Our core production capacity guarantees the fulfilment of the delivery times agreed with customers.

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Tubos de cartón de menos de 10 mm de diámetro

Made-to-measure production

Our cardboard tubes are custom-made in accordance with the needs and specifications demanded by customers.

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MANDRILADORA LEIZA, S.L. - Polígono Industrial Eluseder 31876 ARESO (Navarra) Spain - Telephone: +34 948 510 600